Photographer Editing Course

Photographer Editing Course


PHOTOGRAPHERS! All experience levels!

Be prepared to go from editing blah to editing BAM! after taking this course!

Learn now!

Thank you so much for joining me in this Lightroom Basics Course! You will find loads of information here! Here’s what to expect:

A welcome card with explanation on what you will find while you're with me during your time of Lightroom teachings. Don't forget to send your kids with a sitter, grab a sweet snack and a beverage (a margarita possibly?) to take the exciting learning experience from a level 10 to a 12.5.

A super fun printable PDF with all of the shortcuts and goods that I use to make my Lightroom editing experience smooth, fast, and efficient. You can use this for quick reference while it's placed next to your computer. You will also find the custom magical Lightroom export settings that will take your perfectly edited image and save it as a unicorn-like JPEG... absolutely flawless. Feel free to print out a portrait of myself (Jen) and frame it to place next to these guides since I'm known to be great inspiration while I cheer you on with my sweetly awkward smile. (That second part is a joke... kind of.)

You can find your golden ticket... AKA the prized video, in a link attached to the email that will follow your purchase. You MUST download this content within 48 hours! Don't forget that your password will expire in 45 days! Once your password expires, your class will expire and a new password will not be provided. So be sure to watch it in it's entirety before you lose out on the magical content.

I would like to remind you that all content including photography, video content, and text is held under copyright© 2019-2021 by Jen Wertman of Jen Wertman Photos. All rights reserved. So please respect these cherished goods. Do not sell or share this content- that's stealing and no one likes a thief. Have a friend who's asking about your newly found editing skills? Send them my way! I deeply appreciate word of mouth referrals- it's the best compliment.