Photographing your birth and how it works.

Your birth has a unique story and I would like to capture every chapter. 
The birth of your little one is an irreplaceable moment.  I am honored to celebrate and photograph the first breath your baby takes on one of the most beautiful days of your life.  I believe it's important to establish a relationship with you before you deliver your newest member of your family.  I like to schedule one or two in-person consultations with you and your significant other in order to get to know one another.   I promise to keep in touch with you as your due date approaches. I am on call for two weeks before and two weeks after your expected due date. No vacations or day-trips until your magical day comes.  I will be “a fly on the wall” during every step of your birthing process while staying out of the way while capturing your perfect moments.  The amount of time I stay while photographing your moments depends on how long it takes for your baby to make his/her appearance.  I'm happily patient!  Nothing posed, no bean bags, no external flashes.  Just raw moments as they stand.  

Confession- I cry at every birth.  The silent tears stream down my face at the sound of every first cry while my body is covered with goosebumps.  I become so connected with your story that I silently celebrate with you.  No shame.

*I am in the process of receiving my Doula license! I believe this license is very important to obtain, mainly for the comfort of reassuring my clients that I am familiar with every step of your birthing path.  I will update you as soon as it is official.  (Exciting, right?!?)

It's a promise & I take it seriously.

I promise to cherish your day as much as it deserves.  I love babies, I love your story, I love anticipation, and I love photography.  I love what I do, you will see that in me, and I love the common miracle of birth.