Jen Wertman

is a lifestyle family photographer based in Redlands, California.

Baby R is 1.

Baby R is 1.

“R” is turning 1 and I’m in disbelief.

There’s clients of mine who have been by my side since pregnancy and they give me the honor to photograph every step of the way as baby grows. This is one of those clients.

I feel so close to these beautiful people. They gave me the honor to photograph their maternity session, they invited me into their sacred birth space, and they have asked me to come back time and time again to photograph their family as baby R grew.

Now he’s 1.

We celebrated by holding a family session in Joshua Tree. It was beyond perfect.

Happy birthday baby R. I’m anxious to watch you grow but yet I’m asking you to pump the breaks on time just a tad. It’s all happening too fast!

Happy Birthday

The "H" Family- Fresh 48

The "H" Family- Fresh 48