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Session details- what to wear

Session details- what to wear


Wardrobe is such an important staple to your family photos. What you wear speaks into your overall images and creates such a feeling. It also adds to your story and can embrace who YOU are.

It’s a given that session styling is a feature added to your package when you book me for your session. I really love all aspects of fashion and styling you and your family is sincerely fun for me to do! But some clients prefer to style themselves with some light guidance from me. That’s why I decided to drop some tips, tricks, and favorite brands on my blog.

Little tip to start with- Always start with mom, then go from there, with dad as last to style. Dad normally has what you need in the closet and he’s pretty simple!!

Also, please keep in mind that it’s so important to me that you keep you and your kids personality in this! If your little boy loves his boots, then by all means- put the boy in the boots. Stretching these recommendations are encouraged in order to keep your family as you are.

I want your kids to be comfortable, I want you to feel so, so gorgeous, and I don’t want your husband to roll his eyes at me. So please be YOU!

I will do my best to categorize this into session types to make it easier for you to sort through.

So get out your credit card and prepare yourself to blame all the things on me. This is good.



3 things that pull everything together, no matter the session type.

Let’s talk about colors.

Always stick with coordinating colors. Never match identical colors (unless it’s a shade of white in a mommy & me session with different textures involved), but “like” colors are ok! For example- once you find the perfect piece (normally moms outfit), look at the color wheel. Color next to or directly across from the primary color of the dress can be your complimentary colors.

I’m always attracted to soft neutrals, but again! Please be YOU!

Now texture.

Give me all the lace. Seriously. It photographs so, so beautifully on mamas and little girls! It’s also beautiful through light and movement… so YES PLEASE!

I also love mixing linen, cotton, and chiffon or satin. All good things. I always vier away from sticking with one single texture for your family session- mixing things up creates depth and interest in your gallery. Fun tip- adding layers creates depth, and that’s always awesome.


I’m such a simple girl. You probably booked me because you love my style (and that’s the best compliment ever!). If you look through my portfolio you will see very minimal prints and patterns used. That’s because I think photography should tell a story and focus on the subjects- which is YOU! Sometimes patterns can take away from that, so use them carefully.


We focus on that cute belly of yours during this emotive session, that’s why moms wardrobe is so important here.

For outdoor sessions it’s so important to wear something fitted or long and flowy in order to show off that sweet growing baby. Patterns are OK, I just encourage you to stay away from anything busy. Think soft, romantic, new, and fresh. That’s the overall feel that I like to aim for during your session. Also, when I shop for new moms I always go for flowy. Why?? Because we create movement with your skirt and that creates a voice in your image! WIN!

Indoor sessions are so cozy, so I like to keep the wardrobe as simple as possible. A simple pair of leggings and a plain tee is always a cute option. You can mix up the texture by wearing a pain of linen pants and cotton tee, or even a sweet lace bralette , simple boy shorts, and a cardigan or kimono (Free People has some gorgeous ones!) to finish the look off. This sounds like a little much, but TRUST ME! It’s so, so tasteful and gorgeous.

Be sure to look through the above slides for some inspiration.

Some brands I love for maternity dresses:

Vicidolls, ASOS Maternity, Pink Blush, Forever 21 (no joke!!), Sew Trendy, Reclamation, Fillyboo,

F R E S H 4 8 & N E W B O R N

Let’s be honest- the last thing you want to do is doll yourself up right after you’ve had a baby. That’s why I’m all about the relaxed, lifestyle feel for your session. Your clothing should be soft, neutral, and relaxed fit. You should be comfortable and able to focus on your newest sweet little one. Our main subject is, of course, your newborn, with you, dad and siblings as the foreground.

For Fresh 48 sessions I encourage moms to bring one nice robe. Neutral colored, maybe some lace, and reyon or silk as your fabric. Those dreamy, fluffy robes are super comfortable but they tend to be bulky so let’s stay away from that. Don’t worry about a fancy dress, pants, or a top! For undergarments, please wear the given hospital panties (DUH! Also… SUPER CUTE! LOL!), but spoil yourself with a nice nursing bralette because we might photograph you as baby nurses or some sweet skin to skin moments.

For dad- medium wash to dark denim, or some joggers, and a light colored, plain tee, and some basic tennis shoes.

Baby- This session is all about your bundle of love. We embrace the hospital given blanket, shirt, and hat since the session is held within the first 48 hours. This really gives the “new” feel that you will “awww” over in 10 years. We will use a few other simple swaddles and maybe a cute beanie or bow from home, but keep it simple! Less is more. You’re more than welcome to have a simple outfit available but I’ve found that we don’t end up using it.

Siblings- again, stick with the basics. Herem pants, lightweight sweaters, tee-shirts with no sayings or logos, and minimal accessories will be just fine! I love barefoot kiddos, so don’t stress over the perfect shoes.

See below for links to outfit recommendations.

In home newborn:

This session is styled to be very similar to the fresh 48 session with minimal tweaks.

Mom may wear some black leggings and a comfy, loose fitting teeshirt. A pullover, knitted sweater can be beautiful for texture as well as a cardigan to polish off the look. I also love to allow mom to change her clothes to a gorgeous, romantic dress to embrace motherhood.

We will stick with all of the basics for baby. Plain white swaddles are the best! I also love some light striped or gentle print flower swaddles. They photograph beautifully. Knitted blankets add that texture! So have one handy. Basic pajamas are so sweet for the family photo, and plain white onesies are just simple enough to not take away from your babes details.

Siblings and dad remain the same as fresh 48.

Some brands I love for your newborn:

Swaddles- Madeline’s Box (great hats & Paci clips too!!), Little Unicorn

Outfits- Plain white onesies (Loved baby or Gerber), Loved Baby (footed PJs), Noble Carriage, Modern Burlap

For the siblings- (these are comfy-ish brands! Find more formal brands below in the “family session” section)- Ollie & Me (my fav!!), Quincey Mae (0-3 to 18-24 mo only), Hannah Anderson, Go Gently Nation (also a favorite of mine!), Childhoods Clothing, Rylee + Cru

For Mom- Free People for your tops, dresses & sweaters, Nectar Clothing’s For Good collection, Madewell has some beautiful cardigans and basics! Nordstrom has beautiful robe options as well as Target & Nordstrom Rack.


These sessions tend to be the most emotive and passionate. I really focus on movement and connection so again, keeping wardrobe basic is best.

Let’s start with Mom. I always run to maxi dresses because of the movement that can be created with them. Movement creates a voice, which takes an image from 0-100 in .5 seconds. Creating this voice through Mom is so crucial, since she’s the beauty of the family. It’s always encouraged to wear a lightweight material that can move & flow.

Kiddos are so fun to style. See below for my best brand recommendations. Don’t forget the accessories! I love it when a little guy comes in a sweet pair of suspenders or a little girl is wearing that perfect flat brimmed fedora.

Dad typically has the basics in his closet. Men are all about simple- so let’s keep it that way. Polos or henleys are best for him matched with a pair of medium washed denim pants or chinos do the trick! For shoes, let’s stick with a nice boot or casual tennis shoe.

Again, don’t lose yourself in this process! Remember, these are just recommendations as to what I know photographs best for my brand :)

Here’s my main brand list!

Mom- Spell Designs, Free People, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Vici Dolls, Roolee, Auguste The Label (from Australia), Arnhem (From AU, little girls too!), Madewell, Reclamation Dress Co. (PRICEY! But stunning!),

Your baby- See above in “newborn”

Little Girls- Alice + Ames, Happy Hadley Handmade, Little Barberham, Spell Designs, Joyfolie, Lacey Lane, Zara, Rylee + Cru, Little Dear Handmade

Little Boys- Zara, H&M, Rylee & Cru, Crewcuts, James Vincent, Old Navy, Target, and Zara

Kids Accessories- Fedora, Suspenders, Bonnet

Men- Pac Sun, Urban Outfitters, GAP, Old Navy, Madewell, Nordstrom

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