Born and raised in Southern California in a small town called Redlands. That's where our roots are planted.  I am happily married with three gorgeous little girls.  We love day trips, we love food, we laugh... a lot, I have a few handful of really stupid jokes, I'm sarcastic and witty, & when I love... I LOVE deep.  My husband is my biggest supporter and my girls are my light.  I have an "agape love" (that's one of those dumb jokes.) with my Canon Mark 5Diii and Sigma Art lenses.  I'm one of the luckiest people in the world to get to do what I love every day. Photography is my passion. 


I was raised in a very family-oriented home and I was taught that family is all we have in life.  We hold each other as tight as possible.  In July of 2014 my family experienced a life changing tragedy that changed my point of view and how I view life.  I now focus on the little moments that mean the most. In November 2015 I decided to completely re-brand my business and start from scratch with a goal to photograph families with my new state of mind.  I have always had an incredible love for life and babies.  I photographed my first birth 5 years ago and I was hooked. There are so many beautiful moments that happen during birth and I believe in photographing those moments for my clients to cherish forever. Birth photography is in no way "gross" or "gruesome", it is beautiful and it documents the most precious moments of life.


I like to specialize in editorial print work, birth, fresh 48, and newborn photography, capturing memory-generating images.  I believe in photographing raw moments, just as they stand.  I aim to capture that moment that a Mother never wants to forget during her toddler's stage of life, I want to photograph that day when Dad taught his 4 year old to ride a bike without training-wheels, I want to be a part of your family for a day in order to experience those moments that mean the most.  No poses, no studios.   I love being invited into a home where family thrives and I adore photographing your special moments where you and your littles are most comfortable.  Although I specialize in all things baby, I would love to meet and capture the life of you and your children, no matter the age.

Just you, the real, raw, genuine, YOU.